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If you’re in need of a security guard company Friendswood TX, look no further! National Protection Security has years of experience providing personalized security and we constantly strive to be the best with our wide range of services.

What We Do

Our trained personnel offer security across Texas, whether government or civilian business. As a security company Friendswood TX, your safety is at the top of our list and we handle all kinds of security details.

When it comes to structures, we take care of security for anything from gated housing and hotels to office buildings and malls. We also provide armed or unarmed escorts and bodyguards, so we cover a large spectrum of protective measures.

One of our main priorities after your safety is the protection from theft. Anti-theft is part of our training regiment, both from a threat inside to any external attempt to steal. In fact, we employ some former or off-duty police officers due to their experience.

When you hire us for your protection, know that you’re getting the best security guards Friendswood TX. If you still need convincing, though, many things separate us from our competitors.


To provide the highest levels of service and security


Services customized to fit every client and budget


Years of industry specific experience provide the foundation for every project

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What Makes Us Different?

One of the most important aspects of protection is being able to trust the person or people in charge of your safety. That’s why we aim for quality and never fail to do exactly what we say we’ll do.

We make ourselves available at any time of day, 7 days a week, because we want you to know that you’re safe at all times. Each member of our security details is trained to be efficient and detailed so that you know you’re in the best hands.

On that note, we also believe in accountability through incident reports so that we can act quickly to a given situation. That’s why we pride ourselves on leadership, so that you can trust your security guard Friendswood TX.

  • We promise a fast response at all times. Our guards are available on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency situations effectively and fast.
  • We offer quality security personnel who’ve undergone extensive training and come with years of experience in the security industry.
  • Our guards know safety better than anyone else having been former police officers and military veterans.
  • We are passionate about educating every client regarding their present and future safety needs. We strive to be one of the premier security guard companies in Friendswood TX. 
  • We are a veteran owned small business
  • We are licensed and insured

Call us at 833-342-0309 for a free security consultation!

Your Security is Our Priority

When it comes to hiring a company to protect your event, building, or even you personally, one of the first things most people look for is validity. National Protection Security is not only fully licensed by the state, but governed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Security Bureau.

We make every effort to create a personal connection with our clients, offering the best quality security at a very competitive price. Above all, though, we believe in results and those speak for themselves to show our work ethic or how seriously we take your protection.

If you need a security guards company Friendswood TX, don’t hesitate to reach out and get more information about our services. We’re here to keep you safe!