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You never know what kind of security you might need, which is why National Protection Security covers an expansive number of needs. If you’re looking for a security guard company Dickinson TX that has trained professionals and an outstanding record, contact us now.

Our Service to You

The main priority of any security company Dickinson TX should be your safety and we raise that bar to the highest point. You don’t have to be with a government service for us to be an option, because we do plenty of business with civilians.

There’s also no limit to the kind of protection we offer. We provide bodyguards, armed personnel, or unarmed escorts depending on the type of detail you need. We’re very open and honest about what we do so that you know you can trust us.


To provide the highest levels of service and security


Services customized to fit every client and budget


Years of industry specific experience provide the foundation for every project

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Why National Protection Security Is The Best In Dickinson Texas

Protection depends largely on the trust between you and your security team, so that’s one of the main things we strive for. For example, our anti-theft protection not only handles internal activities but the possibility of an outside breach.

Of course, we wouldn’t have a wide range of services if we only stuck to one type of protection. We also provide security for all kinds of residential and commercial buildings, construction sites during or after-hours, and high-profile events.

Whatever the task, our trained personnel will be able to handle it with precision and efficiency. We hire all kinds of backgrounds, including off-duty police officers, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands.

  • We promise a fast response at all times. Our guards are available on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency situations effectively and fast.
  • We offer quality security personnel who’ve undergone extensive training and come with years of experience in the security industry.
  • Our guards know safety better than anyone else having been former police officers and military veterans.
  • We are passionate about educating every client regarding their present and future safety needs. We strive to be one of the premier security guard companies in Dickinson TX. 
  • We are a veteran owned small business
  • We are licensed and insured

Security guards Dickinson TX are our specialty and we take our job seriously. Whatever you need protected, we’re just a phone call away 24 hours a day no matter what day of the week it is.

This is just part of our personalized approach to gain your trust and be able to protect you to the best of our ability. We believe in open communication as the best way to ensure your safety. You should also know that we achieve our protective goals, every single time.

Our trained security keeps everything on record through incident reports so that we can better notice anything and stay up-to-date. If anything happens in a given 24-hour period, we’ll stay on top of it and notify you if we need to.

Speaking of that, you have a single point of contact at all times to make things easier on your end. The lead security guard Dickinson TX will run a tight protection detail with the kind of quality that will make you happy you chose us.

Call us at 833-342-0309 for a free security consultation!

Your safety or the protection of whatever building you hire us to watch is the single-most important thing and we don’t fail. That’s why National Protection Security is licensed to operate by the Texas government.

We’re at the top of our field, which is why the Texas Department of Public Safety Security Bureau overlooks what we do. You won’t find a team more dedicated to your protection than us, so if you need a security guards company Dickinson TX you’ve come to the right place!