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Security Companies in Baytown TX

Are you looking for committed security guards in Baytown TX? Look no further. At National Protection Security, we have a team of reliable and professional officers who are ready to serve you. We are among the top security companies in Baytown TX that are licensed and insured, and delivering timely and effective solutions to clients both individuals and businesses. We strive to remain one of the top-rated security companies in Baytown TX. When you come to us for any of our security services in Baytown TX, expect personalized solutions and value for money.

Well Trained Security Guards In Baytown TX

When you need armed or unarmed security guards in Baytown TX, we are happy to help. Not all security guard companies in Baytown TX are created equal. That’s why we strive to always guarantee our clients the best when it comes to matters of security. We perform thorough screenings and background checks before hiring. Our ongoing training includes risk assessment and firearms handling. When you need someone to recognize and diffuse an emergency security situation, we’re only a call away.


To provide the highest levels of service and security


Services customized to fit every client and budget


Years of industry specific experience provide the foundation for every project

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Reliable Executive Protection In Baytown TX

We have invested in the best bodyguards in Baytown TX which is why celebrities, politicians, and business executives come to us for executive protection. Our guards are trained on firearms safety and crowd control among other areas. If you need reliable guards who know when to utilize the firearms in their possession, get in touch with us. Our bodyguards in Baytown TX come well prepared to handle even the toughest security emergency. We have the licensing and certification required to offer executive protection in Baytown TX.

Why choose our security services in Baytown TX?

  • We promise a fast response at all times. Our guards are available on call 24/7 to respond to any emergency situations effectively and fast.
  • We offer quality security personnel who’ve undergone extensive training and come with years of experience in the security industry.
  • Our guards know safety better than anyone else having been former police officers and military veterans.
  • We are passionate about educating every client regarding their present and future safety needs. We strive to be one of the premier security guard companies in Baytown TX. 
  • We are a veteran owned small business
  • We are licensed and insured

National Protection Security provides the following security guard services in Baytown:

  • Armed and unarmed security guards
  • Special event security services
  • VIP security services
  • Executive protection agents and bodyguards
  • Roving patrol
  • Firewatch

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One of the Premier Security Companies In Baytown TX

National Protection Security is extremely qualified to handle your security emergencies fast and effectively. Whatever you need, our security guard services in Baytown TX can be tailored to address all your concerns. We can protect the property you manage and its people 24/7. We will even recommend the best monitoring and surveillance systems to install in your premise to give you peace of mind. Unlike other security guard companies in Baytown TX, we never offer a one-size-fits-all solution. Every client is unique and deserves attention to detail on matters security.

We’ve often been hired to offer temporary services to some of our clients in Baytown TX. If your business needs reliable security personnel for just a few days or even a few hours, we can deliver. Our great customer service is what sets us apart from other security guard companies in Baytown TX. Having served our community for decades our guards understand the emerging concerns and how to mitigate them. Have any questions regarding our security guard services in Baytown TX? Contact our team today at 833-342-0309.

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